WTS Indy worker bees (5m+ skill points, improved implants, remaps)

Okay I will reply to this thread after I receive characters.

Please have each of the characters for sale post in this thread confirming they are for sale or I will have to lock the thread @Colm_McArmorPlates





Both 2 characters received. Thanks

Bump, four still available.

Bumping. Four guys still available.

Four toons still available

12b for all 4?

Nope. Read up for the last offer. 5.5 bil per or 20 for 4

Bumping. 4 still available

Four still sitting idle waiting to be skill farmed and or produce your capital components.

sent you a mail in game

Transfers in progress. Please let me know when you get the first two and I’ll do xfer for the others.

First 2 finished, awaiting the next 2 ^^

Last two sent. Please confirm receipt and enjoy!