WTS Max Rorq PIlot

(Extrema Erata) #1


Max Skills, Links

Starting Price 28b

Instant buyout considered for bids above 30b.

Make me offers for this.

Post in the thread with offers. All mails should be sent to Extrema Erata

(Marketing 0919 Boirelle) #2

30 bil for Extrema Erata can do it now

(Extrema Erata) #3

I’ll do 32b right now

(Dolores Landingham) #4

Confirming I’m for sale

(Ghroth) #5

14 bil for Dolores Landingham can do it now

(Extrema Erata) #6

Done. Send isk and username to Dolores Landingham

(Ghroth) #7

isk and info sent

(Extrema Erata) #8

Transfer for Dolores Started. Thank you.

Extrema still for sale

(Traitorous Translator) #9


(Kwerta) #10

32bil for Extrema Erata

(Extrema Erata) #11

32b accepted. Send isk and details

(Kwerta) #12

need 30-40 min
be at home and sent you isk and acc name

(Kwerta) #13

isk and details send

(Extrema Erata) #14

Transfer started, Enjoy.

Thread closed, everything sold in a timely manner. Thanks.