Wts max rorqu+chimera 53 sp

(Buffy ofKadur) #1

Buffy ofkadur

1 clone full improved

2 clone full crystral

jf Gallente

Carrier Caldari

Orca,rorq,porpoise pilot

start 30B

40 B/O

(Maizie Fields) #2


(Killer Otomeya) #3

40 bill B/o

(Buffy ofKadur) #4

Nobody offers 40.5 B the char and his

(Killer Otomeya) #5

will do when i get home tommorw unless you can send isk without logging in

(Buffy ofKadur) #6

Ok but if 40.5 b this char will be sold I’m sorry but this account and expiring

(Buffy ofKadur) #7

I would be in a hurry to sell because I have to buy a new char

(Buffy ofKadur) #8

Killer Otomeya

Ok i accept your offer send 40 b and account name where to receive your new char

(Buffy ofKadur) #9


(Maizie Fields) #10


Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

(Killer Otomeya) #11

isk and account name sent

(Buffy ofKadur) #12

Ok got to send me account name to receive your new char

(Buffy ofKadur) #13

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Buffy ofKadur

Will be completed after: 8/12/2017 12:24:25 AM