WTS Max skilled Erebus pilot - 60m SP

Hi all,

Character has a clean sec rating and will be in a npc corp upon purchase. Currently in 1DQ in Delve but will be moved to Jita unless requested otherwise. Character has a full set of HG slaves.


Starting bids from 60b please

Buyout - 78b

Auction close - Thursday 21st March @ 18:00


Private bid received for 65bil still for sale as BO not met.

66 bil

Private bid (same person) now at 67bil


68,5 bil


Bump. Kimlancer is the highest bidder so far.

“”“stolen character”""

@AFUFO :joy: have you been smoking? Sorry this isn’t a stolen char.

For everyone else I have no idea what this guy is talking about. This sale will follow all the rules set out by CCP for character sales.

I think I’m right! High probability!

Ok so you “think” rather than know. So you’re making an assumption rather than basing anything on facts. Go troll elsewhere and stop trying to ruin my auction or I’ll report you to a mod.

OK, write me a petition if I’m wrong!

Who wants to buy it prematurely, talk to his corporation!

As you wish - reported.

OK, great! Please send an answer here, Screenshot!


Can someone report @afufo? look as reporting all middle characters.

Hi Ethan,

I have done. Will wait for the mods to deal with him.