WTS me, 1 mill SP, dope name

WTS me,


Dope af name

750k skillpoints available
2 Remaps available
No killboard

Name is always at the top of chat.

Bid starts at 20 Bill

I’m getting popcorn, this thread’s about to be a trainwreck.

No you hope it to be a trainwreck, because your broke and/or angry and/or salty

I can see that going either way, the name thing.

It’s already starting… :smiley:

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This char was created today…
A name someone just made up is worth 20B?
Would love to see someone pay for that

Was Owned taken? Pwn? Pwnd?

They dont start with a 0, which is the lowest ASCII character still accepted by eve, the chat is sorted by Alphannumeric ordering so 0 is the top. They are also not 3 letters long. owned doesnt mean the same as own also.

find me a good name that starts with a O and is 3 letters long and is not taken and actually means something.

Don’t get me wrong, you definitely deserve extra points for creativity, but the price tag is just absurd for the 10 minutes it took you to create this char.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
Good luck though

My name is better and I come with… assets. Made today, 50bills

you are on crack if you think someone is going to pay you for this

literally autism, appearances DONT MATTER, ONLY THE INSIDE COUNT.

Why have names at all, We should all identify by numbers. Hi i am 035626, nice to meet you,.

I know literal Autistic individuals who play this game more intelligently and better than you.
Better than most people, actually.

Because no one cares about a 3 letter name and you are cluttering up a place of business

nobody is forcing you to read this or reply. If you are not interested, just dont reply.

Closed at OP’s request.