WTS ME10 Erebus Original, 200b in Capital Parts (lowsec), other oddities

Taking offers the following:

Willing to do considerable bulk deals on the last two, I want to completely empty out these hangars.

-Erebus Original ME10/TE14 - Current offer 150b, 220b reserve (ending 3/4/19)

-200b isk worth of Capital Construction Parts located in Forge Lowsec (with highsec connect)

-10,000+ BPCs of Capital Parts all 10/20 and max runs

Can do 90b for the bus BPO

TY but my thread doesn’t need free bumps lol.


Mail me in game please - erebus bpo price

Mail me a bulk price for the 10.000 bpc’s

As agreed by mail, 15b offer for 10.000 BPC

Going to give this until Monday, ty for posting offer.

What is price on Erebus

I’m taking offers please on the Erebus BPO

17,5 B for the bpc’s

95 bil on the Erebus

18b for the BPC

I would do 100 bill on BPO - I gather from your mail you want more - but I put the offer out there.


18,5 B for bpc’s

18 is my top bid, if SlemTiger does not claim, please contact me.

102.5 Erebus BPO

120b erebus bpo

BPCs sold, updated ask for Bus BPO (now on Auction)

Capital Construction Parts are a great opportunity for anyone looking to turn them into actual caps. Big discounts available for them.

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