WTS Mekubal/Mamba BPC for 2.5b

Get your new pirate destroyer before anyone else !

People already have them: Mekubal | Ship | zKillboard
So whoever buys this wouldn’t actually get it before everyone else, and they would also need to get it manufactured, which would make them wait longer before they can fly it

Yeah I should have said before the poors :slight_smile:
The manufacture time is 2:30 so still plenty of time before they are made easily accessible in november!

The Mekubal is such a fun ship to fly! The perfect mix between a dramiel and a cynabal !

New Price ! Now only 5b

Since this is devaluing by the day, i’ll offer 1b for 24hrs for the Mekubal bpc :grinning:

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Sorry, but they are still selling for 5.5b in jita :wink:

To be relisted at 8, or to be used? :thinking:

Lmk when you drop price

New Batch of BPCs coming soon ! Still 5b a piece, and still more than a month before they are made easily available !


New Price ! Only 2.5b

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