WTS Miner Orca Pilot

(Ian Holm) #1

5.5m Skill Points.
Can fly Exhumer level 3.
Can fly Orca level 3.
T2 Mining Drones.
Mining Director level 3.
+3 Implants.
Has all 3 Remaps available.
Located in Amarr.
Has Positive Wallet and NO Kill Rights.
Asking 3B Firm and I will pay Xfer cost.

(Myfluga) #2

3B alvailable right now who i send isk to

(Ian Holm) #3

Send Isk to Ian Holm, He is the one for sale.

(Ian Holm) #4

Please send Account name so I can start xfer.

(Myfluga) #5

done, thanks. sent acc name and correction.

(Myfluga) #6

Char Recieved - thanks

(system) #7

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