WTS Minerals in Aridia - 5 Billion ISK O.B.O

I have 5 Billion ISK worth of Minerals in a station in Aridia I can’t move. It’s almost 4.5 million m3 and I recently moved to Cache and I’m not going to pay for 14 cross-cluster jump-freighter moves; that’s insane. So I’m willing to sell these minerals at a loss.

This is a recent listing of what the minerals are worth, and their respective quantities.

I would be willing to take 3.5 Billion ISK for them; sale goes to the best offer above that threshold.

Reply here or contact me via EVE Mail to confirm order.

shoot me a mail in game if they are in HS and system name and I will potentially put in an offer

Please send me the System via dm! def intrested!



DM location please

Mail me location pls

ill buy em for 3b straight away

Sent, Tal

Done. I’ve DM’d you.

Sorry, I won’t go below 3.5. I have sunk cost to recover.

no worries,
if you dont get them sold and you change your mind you can hit me up

3,3 offer

Not a fan of repeating myself @Total_Apathy, you can have them for 3.5

I’ll take them for the 3.5 requested.

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I’ll contract them to you now.

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I will also have a fit Thanatos for sale in Aridia - in Hophib.

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