[WTS] Mining, Refining, Drone Boat Chara

No kill rights on me and no kill rights available to me.

Located in 0.8 system.

Positive wallet.

Here are the skills:



  1. I dropped out of corp 1/28/19. It might take a small amount of time to reflect on skill board.
  2. Positive Wallet
  3. You can see clones available and augmentations on skill board.
  4. No kill rights for or against anyone. No kill rights on me.
  5. In Concord 0.8 system.
  6. Character will receive isk.
  7. I will pay transfer via credit card, so not using plex to transfer chara for quicker transfer to buyer.

Hoping someone else will enjoy this character while I move on to develop my other interests in Eve on another character. Drop her in null to mine or Concord and she will thrive! Hop on a drone boat and go have fun with your drones! Refocus her to whatever you want.

Thanks for your interest. Take a look at her skills and bid what you will and I’ll check in periodically.

Can I message you in Eve? I have a few questions

3b Bid

Appreciate the bid!

Yes, feel free. I’ll catch you when I’m on later.

Is that a no then?

4 bil


4.6 b please

20 bil

30 bil for Mairandra with a skill point total of 39.9 million.

Now you’ve got my attention. Confirming skill points will remain.

I am considering offers very seriously now.

I was hoping for a wee bit more. I’ll check in after work tonight.

I appreciate the bids, everyone.

30.5 bil

31 bil

You around for 31B? Still interested? Just got home from work.

Bidding is still on till I hear a confirmation. Not sure how late I’ll be up.

Ill do 31 bil

Sold. Please send isk and info.

sending now