WTS Minmatar/gallente vindicator pilot Focussed

Character can fly minmatar with t2 guns, can also fly vindicator with t2 blasters, meets the requirements for incursions

EveSkillboard - Knjurletgel Vet Aumer

Character is in a NPC corp, located in Jita, has no kill rights, no jump clones, and a positive account balance, will only be up for today, hoping for a quick sale or I will extract it myself

B/O 12 Billion

Knjurletgel Vet Aumer 7B

Scam? (Or at the least false advertising)
Advertised as “can fly minmatar marauders with t2 guns” when character lacks Minmatar Battleship 5 and Marauders 1. Eveskillboard reports 47 days or so of training to sit in the vargur lol

right, you are correct, I had this pilot in mind for a vargur but got distracted by incursion isk so just went that way… I will just close the add and melt the character myself, thanks!

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