WTS myself for a new home, 172m SP

very old character, carefully skilled, a suitable new main for you. i no longer play her as much as i used to.

starting off from 150bil.
full set of HG snake in high sec
1 remap available.
9.86 caldari faction standing
10.0 standing for over 6 caldari corps

can do almost anything you think of.
even fly a titan, perfect trading, perfect link.

this char is not for extraction, it’s the one you will use as a main, if you have the isk.

again, starting bid is 150bil, buy out is 200. happy bidding.

daily bump!

bump bumping

150 b

thx for interests, good starting. bump to the top!

I couldn’t believe it you are selling such an amazing character. That said, if you have decided to do so, I pray that you receive a well-deserving offer.




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