WTS MYSELF GOOD CHAR, 120MSP+(3.8m free sp) great ATT and Sup crrrier char

Wallet balance positive

I pay the fee transfert

Character location in high sec

Start : 78B

lookin for good offer for this charackter i will sell if i get good offer for him

Confirm the sale of myself, has been transferred to NPC company

Skill board has been attached05c5f5cbfcbd964229e2cdfc/


Accept your offer, *Account transfers will be made upon receipt of ISK

isk send

ISK received, transfer now

Zahlungsermächtigung erfolgreich
Sehr geehrte(r) 157531293323,
vielen Dank. Ihre Zahlung über 2,000 JPY per Credit Card ist am Tue, 23 Aug 2022 05:25:31 GMT eingegangen.

enjoy your char

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