WTS no idea what he is worth

Looking for characters worth…Supper Focused 98,578,095 skillpoints 363,395 unallocated. Possitive everything. I need to know how much he is worth.

Great Core, Fitting, and Shield skills needs work on armor. This character really shines when it comes to Maxed boosting (command skills 2 away from maxed) shield skills, and drone skills are all well above average and not too far from maxed. Not many characters are so well focused and this one has been a personal pet project of mine for over 10 years. There was some time off for sure, but he is supper focused.

Can fly:

Jump Freighter Minmatar with Maxed Nav/Jump skills and Jump Freighter lvl 5

Orca Pilot with Maxed boosting and all LvL 5 ship skills

Rorq Pilot ready for any drones you can dream of and working on Tech II industrial Core

Hel/Wyvern Pilot with Tech II Heavy Fighters and almost 16mill drone skillpoints, Mapped to finish all

Minikowa/Lif Pilot with great skills for both

Command Ships Lvl 5 of all races with Maxed Boosting only missing Fleet commander lvl 5 (at 4) and Titan skill

Logistics Lvl 5 Pilot: Damn near Maxed on everything you could need for armor and shields

Freighter Lv5 for Minmatar

Transport ships Lvl 5 for Minmatar

Command Destroyer Pilot and Logistic Frig Pilot fun small gang stuffs

Many other things not mentioned but useful.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sir_tren pass is “Abc123” that is a capital A

ill give you 150 billion

Offer Accepted

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