[WTS] 83 mio sp pilot - rorqual - orca - jf - dreads (almost) and general skills

(Tackla) #1


I am selling myself for good offers only, place your bids

(Maizie Fields) #2

70 bil

(Tackla) #3

leadership maxed, this is a great toon specialized in capital and command but versatile enough to have fun everywhere.

(Tackla) #4

70bio is too low, skill extracting alone would net me 71.5bio, looking for higher offers

(Gattanera) #5

70.5 bil

(Garreden) #6

75b offer isk ready

(Tackla) #7

Good start, this pilot can fly a nasty command ship and can give maximum boosts!

(Tackla) #9

Positive wallet
Good standings all around
4 clones all in empire
1 set of standard + mindlink
1 set of improved
1 clone with the 4% bonus to ore and ice reprocessing yield.
No killrights
Caldari state +6

Mining V complete
Next in que = capital ships to V
on its way to Caldari Titan

Great pilot

(Tackla) #10

Minimum price and buyout price for this character = 80bio
if not reached after the weekend, character will be extracted

(Tackla) #11

last bump

(jim davis Miromme) #12


(Cato White) #13

Haven’t you ever wanted to do a random act of kindness? sell to me for the 23 bil I have in my wallet and know you have done something nice today

(system) #14

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