WTS Orca Pilot 5M SP


Location: High sec
Wallet: 10mil+
Assets: 10mil+

Starting bid 2b Best offer by 5 hours gets him :slight_smile:

I also have this guy: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/xclusivelubana_Echerie
Another miner

Location:High sec
Wallet: positive
Assets: 5m~

Best bid within 5 hours. Starting 2b

Starting bid adjusted

2b offer

Give me the miner xclusivelubana… how about 2.2B buyout? Its 2235hrs here, heading to bed now I’d love to send you isk for the miner first thing in the morning…

xclusivelubana_Echerie 2.3

xclusivelubana_Echerie 2.5b

2.1 Alakir

3 bil

Its been waayyyy past the 5 hour mark, are you still selling these characters?

3.1B Offer for [Alakir Maro]

3.2 b

3 bil for the miner xclusivelubana_Echerie

Still for sale?

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