WTS original owner born 2004 blank slate character

Cellan has 3 remaps available, has a positive wallet, no killrights, no clones, located in Piak with 874,540sp. Character has been in the NPC starter corp for just shy of 17 years, never been killed, never killed anyone or anything. A current corp mate of mine told me I should list these old characters to see if anyone might have interest, as it would help me jump start my return to use the isk to buy another character or boost my current character who just doesn’t have the skills to be relevant. Open to offers, not in a rush at all. Other character (Lode Star) is sold, pending transfer and transaction on 3/26.



Interested in lode star. 2b offer

3b @lode star or cellan

3.5b for Lode Star

Thanks, but not what I was lead to believe these might be worth. I’d make more spending $20 on Plex rather than a transfer for a 17 year old character with a clean slate and 3 remaps. I’ll just buy skill injectors and make them into some type of industry alts.

What are you looking for? May be make a higher offer if no the ballpark you’re expecting

10b offer in game for Lode Star any interest before I either inject him or sell him?

Offer accepted for Lode Star in game, buyer has a current transfer active and we will complete the transaction tomorrow here.

ISK and account name sent

both received, transfer initiated

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Ashanor is Cellan still avalible?

Yes but not at 3b

How much you valuing it at

Lode Star sold for 8b, I’d expect Cellan to fetch 7-10b

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