WTS Perfect JF pilot + Transport Pilot (20.9m sp)


  • 1 bonus remap
  • positive sec status
  • positive wallet
  • located in olettiers
  • JC’s can be seen on eveskillboard

2x sets of +5 neural/occular implants (currently specc’d)

250k unallocated SP

Perfect Jump Navigation Skills (All V)
Freighter V
Transport Ships V
(currently a week from Gal industry V)
Cyber V

B/O: Probably 20-23b

Plex transfer will be used

Ahoy Champions

Password plz?

Removed password

14 bil

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Daily Bumperoo!

17.5b B/o

accepted. Send isk and account name to Sextus

money and account name sent

both recieved. Character transfer ticket submitted, they have been quite snappy lately, probably processed (hopefully) within the next 24 hours

character received. tyvm

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