WTS Perfect Miner/Logist char, 37.5M SP

I was born in 2007.

I have 35.6M invested skill points and about 1.9M spare skill points.


I’m best at mining and healing.

I can drive any exhumer quite well (5). I have nice skills in drones (7kk) to defend myself and dig faster.

I have a lot of digging skills, including many minerals specialized skills.

I have all cruisers at 5, except Minmatar (since I disliked their ships).

I’m very good (5) in all logistics transfers - shields, armor, energy.

I might miss some destroyer skills, since they were not required many years ago.

I have nearly neutral standings with most NPC things in EVE, and +2.9 security status.

Of course, I have no kill rights, since I was not playing for many-many years.

I’m in an NPC corporation PERKONE for 8+ years.

I have two jump clones with +4 implants, and MX-1005 digging implants in both clones.

Currently I live in Amarr VIII (Oris) station.

I have positive ISK balance.

I’m really bored of this pointless sitting in a station and like to start a new life in someone else hands. :slight_smile:

I will receive the ISK for me.

I have no idea about a buyout sum yet, so I’d like to see how much I will be offered. If your offers will be too small, I’ll sleep in a station for some more years…

27.5 B

are there any assets included other than the implants? (not sure how expensive the implants are, lmk if they are worth a lot)

30B, Let me know.

Total cost of implants - about 0.6B, since only MX-1005 are expensive, others are typical ~20kk per item.
Other assets can not be included, according to CCP rules.

35 bil

I’m paying for transfer with PLEX. I do not visit the game often, so I might miss all in-game messages, if any were send.

And last offer of 35B looks closer to sum I’ve expected to gain.

Any more offers?

Any higher offers? 35B (mind 4B transfer fee) is about same I’ll get if I disassemble myself for skill injectors.

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