WTS Perfect Nyx/Super Char - 51m SP - SOLD

SkillQ Link

Send this character a mail if needed, I am not super active during holiday season.
Hidden buyout, but don’t bother bidding anything below 40b or near extraction value - although I do appreciate bumps as I don’t have the time to regularly do this myself. This char will keep training until reserve is met.

  • Positive sec status
  • Positive wallet
  • Located in HS in +5 clone
  • No killrights

Capitals 5
Gallente Carrier 5
Amarr Carrier 4 → Training to 5
Heavy Fighters 5
Light Fighters 5
Fighter Hangar Management 5
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5
Cybernetics 5/Biology 5

40bil offer


41bil offer

45 bill



That seems very solid - I’ll leave it open for another day or two, but reserve has been met

Please fix the skillq link



It’s not allowing me to log in on the website - the link itself was set to expire in 30d after creation. I think it’s a problem with the website right now, I’ve been seeing the same issue with other links.

I’ve managed to see the toon via the link now my bid stands - ready to go if you are.



Sold to Blue Caloria.

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