🌟 WTS Perfect Trader and Rhea pilot 40M SP

Hi, I would like to sell myself.

:star: Tycoon 5 (305 slots)
:star: Trade category maxed out (9 472 000 sp)
:star: Caldari Freighter 5 (Charon)
:star: Jump Freighters 5 (Rhea)
:star: ORE Freighter 5 (Bowhead)
:star: Transport ships 5 (Bustard, Crane)
:star: JDC 5
:star: JFC 5
:star: Some indy skills: 10 research slots, 10 production slots, Command center upgrades 5
:star: 1 bonus remap + annual remaining
:star: Empty killboard
:star: 100 000 unallocated skill points.

Can also fly Caldari + Amarr ceptors.

Check out Eveskillboard (PW: 666).

Wallet is positive, has no kill rights, located in Jita (clones too).
I will be using Plex for the transfer.

Starting bid: 40b ISK

If you’re taking bids you should have listed as ‘selling’ & ‘auction’.

I might be interested if you’re just selling and not actioning!


Another bump.

Still for sale! This character is a real money maker, and has made me several hundreds of billion the last years.


More bumps.

I’ll offer 30b


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