WTS Pilot 4M SP



Propose Price.

2b b/o

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2.2b b/o

2.5b ok?

I m wait other offer

3b B/O

3.4 bill

Bump finish a 24/06/18 : 12h

Finish , Necocat Meow Win , Contact me for Account Name

Both sent

Yes is Good

Transfer request in progress for your account : J*******************************

has this been done with plex? i have yet to receive any confirmation email.

Anything? I havent heard and receieved no confirmation emails.

No I request a transfer to your account support I still have no response from them

no dramas. ccp has been late with tickets so i understand

I have all confidence this has been sent. Ccp is very slow atm with transfers, this isnt isolated situation.

necocat maybe you should file a ticket aswell not to blaime but to raise youre concirnes this take way longer than it should

Did and gm resolved.

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