WTS PVP pilot 32msp high drone and gun skills

Take a look here. PW is tool


Bids start at 15b.
Please don’t message me in game, direct all questions to this post.

Expect no isk ships or other items on the account.
tool will be in jita when sold.
Wallet will be positive.
No Kill rights.
No jump clones
No skins.
Has 3 remaps if that helps.

Contagious Tool has been in the same NPC corp since he was made in 2013.
I’m going to leave this up for a little while and take the highest bidder. Expect the post to run for about a week. After that some lucky person gets a new Tool.

Thanks for viewing.

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don’t forget to follow the rules for listing. its stickied.

i offer 16b b/o.

16.5b offer

how about posting as tool per the rules?

how about 18B ?

good catch, i missed that.

Sorry forgot about that rule.

I’m going to put a 20b buyout option. so high bid or first to 20b and its sold.

17boffer ready to go

what is the password

the password is “tool”

18bil offer

Curent bid is 18b to EnricoPucci.
Anyone do better?

maybe we can start trade?

What did you have in mind?


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SenseLight you win!

I’m evemailing you now for payment instructions.

Im real sorry dude,because some reason, i can not buy ur character. Withdraw my offer

Its still up for sale let me know if you really want to buy Tool.

is this still available? 17.5b ready to rock and roll

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I’ll evemail you