WTS Rag pilot 56m sp (Highly focused)

Very good Rag & Nag pilot, highly focused.

Character is in npc corp just not updating yet on eve skillboard.

Located in high sec, positive wallet etc.

Starting bid 53b
Buyout 60b

I like the name, I’ll give him a great home, 55b buyout

I’ll wait until this time tomorrow and if there are no higher offers I’ll accept it.

Also, he needs to be in the NPC corp :slight_smile:

He is, just not showing on eve skillboard yet :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks!

5 hours before I accept the offer above, if anyone has a higher bid now is the time :slight_smile:

Isk and account info ready to go. Let me know

All yours, send the isk and eve mail the account name and I will start the transfer.


Isk and Evemail Sent!

On it’s way, thank you for purchase and enjoy!

Thanks again, looking forward to using it!

Transfer Complete. Thank you, please lock

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