[WTS] RorQ Pilot, 22Mill SP [Closed]

(Crazy Space Pastry) #1

Character Sheet: Crazy Space Pastry

  • Wallet positive
  • Sec Satus positive
  • Located in highsec.

All CCP rules apply.

(Jax Kinrashi) #2

I’ll start you out 14b

(Crazy Space Pastry) #3

Sure, why not!

(Terry crow) #4

14.5B B/O

(angelfishanna rose) #5


(Terry crow) #7


(Crazy Space Pastry) #8

Angel hasn’t replied, or acted yet.
Im yours for 15, if that still stands.

(angelfishanna rose) #9

ok,wait me,in game mail for you

(Ghroth) #10

15B B/O If it hasn’t been done yet

(Crazy Space Pastry) #11

Accepting Ghroth’s offer on 15B B/O. Awaiting isk.

(Ghroth) #12

isk and info sent

(Ghroth) #13

The seller forgot his ISK,I’ll return the ISK to him after I receive the characters。If seller can see, please reply me here

(angelfishanna rose) #14

The seller is really strong

(Crazy Space Pastry) #15

All good @Ghroth. We spoke last night after trade. Awaiting the transfere of ISK when the character is useable for you.


(Ghroth) #16

OK, I’ll send the ISK to Chromosome Ninja,

(Crazy Space Pastry) #17

Chromosome Ninja, yes.

(Ghroth) #18

No problem. Don’t worry

(Ghroth) #19

ISK has already returned it to you