[WTS] RorQ Pilot, 22Mill SP [Closed]

Character Sheet: Crazy Space Pastry

  • Wallet positive
  • Sec Satus positive
  • Located in highsec.

All CCP rules apply.

I’ll start you out 14b

Sure, why not!

14.5B B/O



Angel hasn’t replied, or acted yet.
Im yours for 15, if that still stands.

ok,wait me,in game mail for you

15B B/O If it hasn’t been done yet

Accepting Ghroth’s offer on 15B B/O. Awaiting isk.

isk and info sent

The seller forgot his ISK,I’ll return the ISK to him after I receive the characters。If seller can see, please reply me here

The seller is really strong

All good @Ghroth. We spoke last night after trade. Awaiting the transfere of ISK when the character is useable for you.


OK, I’ll send the ISK to Chromosome Ninja,

Chromosome Ninja, yes.

No problem. Don’t worry

ISK has already returned it to you