WTS - Rorq Pilot

24.9m SP

JDC V finishes in 10 Days
Capital Industrial ships 4
Ice/Ore Excavs
Fairly good drone skills.

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status

Waghuas 12B

Looking for a bit more than 12b :slight_smile:

12.2 bil

The skillboard link says it is more like 10 days to finish JDC V.
But it also has you listed in a player corp so \o/?

Yeah, thats my bad. I can’t read. 10 days.

But it is in an npc

It is still a good starter Rorqual, melt value is 39 injectors, while it would take 60 (plus the costs of the skillbooks) to inject fresh. The right buyer should come along.

12.5B ,can i get?

12.6 bil

13B, i think it ok?

13.25 bil

if this is still the Highest offer at 13:00 eve time tomorrow (Wednesday) Will accept the offer.


13.6 bil

I’ll give you the price of 14b. If you think it’s OK, I’ll remit it immediately.

14.25 bil

14.26 bil

14.5 bil

14.51 bil

15 bil b/o