WTS Rorqual Pilots x 5 (-----SOLD OUT-----)

All communications will be here on this post or through char Otlichnick if you can get ahold of me there.

I have 5 Rorqual Pilots for sale.
All CCP Rules Apply

All have positive wallet.
All Chars are in a NPC corporation In Highsec.
All Chars have 1 Skin of the Nocx Rush for the Hulk.
All Chars have 0 Kill Rights.
All Chars have Jumpclones if they have the skill for it. They may be in 0.0 and inaccessible. Or some may have one in Jita. They have just have a jumpclone available and none installed anywhere leaving you available to put one somewhere. If you need this info before just ask and I will confirm.

The Chars are linked here to look at.

SOLD 20bn https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rotten_SlowDrip

SOLD 22bn https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rotten_C0rpse :star_struck:
**Has Capital Industrial Ships to 5

SOLD 21bn https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rotten_DanglyBits :money_mouth_face:
**Has Capital Industrial Ships to 5

SOLD 27bn https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ray345_Aideron
** Has tons of skills injected ready to train. Has Calibration and Conservation to 4

SOLD 28.5bn https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gen_E
** Has Calibration and Conservation to 4. Has Capital Industrial Ships to 5

All accounts can use ore excavators.
I believe all accounts can use Ice excavators as well but you may want to check the skills.

Rotten_C0rpse 21B ok

Might wanna check you are following ruler.

I. E. Isk is transfered to the char being sold.
All chars who are for sale have to post to confirm.

Rotten_C0rpse 22B isk

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Please have each of your characters confirm that they are for sale!

Will do that now. Had to work all day and didn’t have time to fix this.

Confirming I am for Sale

Confirming I am for Sale

Confirming I am for Sale

Confirming I am for Sale

Confirming I am for Sale

22B ok Asuna DED. I will transfer char tomorrow upon receiving Isk.

Rotten_DanglyBits 21B

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Has been sent isk and account info

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zhongguo nanhai for Rotten_DanglyBits 21B Ok. I will transfer char upon receiving Isk

Transfer Paid for and in progress.

Isk has turned

The to czw83407

Isk recieved. Char Transfer Sent.

*** i dont think your account name should appear on a public forum fyi. ***

I have received it

1 Bump of Isk