[WTS] Science & Industry 7.3M SP

(Pita Masterson) #1


-Production ~ 2M SP
-Science ~ 4,4M SP

Important Highlights:
-NPC Corp
-Positive Wallet
-Located in High-Sec
-No Killrights
-No Jump Clones
-Neural and Bonus remap
-Plex transfer

B/O 6.5B

(Intriguing Stranger) #2

4 bil

(Pita Masterson) #5

Daily bump.

(Pita Masterson) #6

Daily bump.

(Pita Masterson) #7

Still for sale.

(Pita Masterson) #8

Daily bump.

(Trial 100) #9

5,5 B for this pilot, i send you mail.


(MagicSAT) #10

5.6b offer

(Trial 100) #11

5.8 B or just mail me with resonable B/O …

(Pita Masterson) #12

Lowered B/O.

(Pita Masterson) #13

Daily bump

(Pita Masterson) #14

Still for sell.

(Vekitsu) #15

Bid 6.0 bil for Pita

(Pita Masterson) #16

I accept your bid as B/O.

Send 6B isks and acc name to this pilot.

(Vekitsu) #17

Isk sent with Acct info in reason box,

(Pita Masterson) #18

Your ticket (736373) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

GM gonna transfer this pilot to your account S*******2.

Good Luck with her and fly safe Pita!

(system) #19

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