[WTS] Science & Industry 7.3M SP


-Production ~ 2M SP
-Science ~ 4,4M SP

Important Highlights:
-NPC Corp
-Positive Wallet
-Located in High-Sec
-No Killrights
-No Jump Clones
-Neural and Bonus remap
-Plex transfer

B/O 6.5B

4 bil

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

Still for sale.

Daily bump.

5,5 B for this pilot, i send you mail.


5.6b offer

5.8 B or just mail me with resonable B/O …

Lowered B/O.

Daily bump

Still for sell.

Bid 6.0 bil for Pita

I accept your bid as B/O.

Send 6B isks and acc name to this pilot.

Isk sent with Acct info in reason box,

Your ticket (736373) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

GM gonna transfer this pilot to your account S*******2.

Good Luck with her and fly safe Pita!

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