WTS Scout 24.8 Mil skill

I am making myself for sale

  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Located in NPC Station in Highsec Jita 4 - 4
    All standard rules apply. Will stop auction in 5 days. Reserve the right to cancel if bids are poor.


Old toon, I am the one for sale.

17 bil. Auction started :wink:

17 bil is hi bid. 3 days until close.

One day left. Female scanner pilot, good standings. 17 bil is the current high bid.

17.5 bil


18 bil

18.3 bid. Hibiki Aurobindo if you bid 18.6 and its your char :slight_smile:

Nope, 18 was my max. Enjoy it!

Last call. I will close the auction in a 4 hours or so.

Immeral_Liadon wins. Send me the isk and your account name and I will do the transfer.

isk and info sent

Transfer made. Fly safe.

Thank you :slight_smile: all done

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