WTS Self: Perfect ARK Pilot and more 26.399mSP

Jethro Baggins PERFECT ARK PILOT http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jethro_Baggins PW: 1234
This is the ultimate transport toon. Perfect ARC for your jump freighter needs. Perfect Freighter for highsec moveing. Can fly Amarr Indy V. Toon has no jump clones or implants. Located in Jita

Current Attributes 27/21 Perc/Will
1 Bonus Remap Avail if you want to start making him that carrier super/titan pilot.
All supporting skills are at V
Nav Skills

Fuel Conservation
Jump Drive Cal
Jump Fuel
High Speed
Jump Drive Operation
Warp Drive Operation
CPU Management
Power Grid Management
Energy Grid Upgrades

Hull and Mechanics (Maximize HP ON ARK)
Shield Management and Operation (Maximize Shield HP on ARK)
Cloaking is at lvl 4 (For the deepsace transports)

Also have Advanced Informorph 3 and Cybernetics V

And finally already got the got Lab ops research and research project (lvl IV for management) finished so you can work blueprints. As well as production advanced mass production to lvl IV so you can build stuff while shipping.
All CCP rules apply.
Bids start at 30B 1 Week closing.

30b here you go

One day left high bidder Wpier Dol

Wpier Dol You have won the auction awaiting ISK in game and account info for transfer. Congradulations

account and money sent

Just woke up doing transfer now.

Money recieved transfer in progress, good luck and fly safe, take care.

all good deal finished

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