WTS Several Characters

Lost interest in the game with Vegas being the final nail in the coffin, therefore I am selling it all!

Have a look and see what you wanna buy :slight_smile:

106m sp Subcap & Revelation pilot
General alround pilot, flies most subs maxed.
Starting bid 90b
B/O 110b

75.5m sp maxed Apostle, Almost maxed Mino pilot
Maxed links for both Command Dessies & some Commandships
Max prober.
Starting bid 65b
B/O 80b

40m Sp Apostle (soon Minokawa) Pilot
Can do armor links aswell
Starting bid 35b
B/O 41b

30m sp perfect Vindi, Pilgrim, Rapier (soon falcon) pilot
Starting bid 25b
B/O 30b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SnakeFood DST / Fenrir pilot 8b B/O
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/I_Use_Hacks DST/ Fenrir pilot 4.5b B/O

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Cons_lil_Helper DST / Prober / Orca pilot B/O 12b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Buttercup_Flowers Rattlesnake / VNI / Prober. 20b B/O w. MG Talismans
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/QEEZ_Shikkoken Rattlesnake / VNI / Prober 16b B/O w. MG Talismans

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ugli_Stillborn Sabre pilot / Prober / DST 10b B/O

More chars will come soon
All chars are in NPC corp before sale as per bazaar rules.

Please send payments & details to Bananaboat Blues as I won’t be checking the other characters as often. thx :slight_smile:

Cable uta no longer for sale?

Will add him when I’m done sorting assets on him

Will take 404 4b if still available

I accept send isk & details and I will start transfer

isk and details sent to 404 in game

Transfer Started


5 billion isk B/Owhen i get home in 2 hours

As forum rules state Isk will be going to character sold and must be in NPC corp at time of sale

Can you confirm you agree with this?

its fine as long as I know :smiley:

The Sotiyo Ninja
5.5 buyout offered again! haha

and accepted once more

Sent 5 billion is to Jottlekaj

Account info sent via Jottlekaj evemail

Transfer started

Char still not recieved, let me know when you have started the transfer

I have not received the transfer yet either. You have 16 hours to rectify this or a report will be filed.

Both of your transfers have been started with petition and since there is no confirmation untill GM’s actually complete the transfer i can’t “prove” I’m doing it unless you want me to plaster your account names on here.

I remind you transfers can take up to 48 hours depending on the que of transfers.

Best I can do for now.
Msg me on discord or mail bananaboat blues in game for a link to your specific petition.

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Anyone else had their transfer completed yet?

Stll waiting.

I don’t think it’s the seller sleeping on the transfers. I have had a ticket in for 2 days and haven’t heard a peep from anyone. It’s just lackluster “support” at this point. Mine hasn’t gone through yet either

Eve Vegas was on at the weekend, expecting hungover staff