[WTS] Skywalker 334.6 MSP, probably the most expensive character for sale...enjoy

This character is one of the oldest characters in EVE with a date of birth 2003-05-15.
I am the only owner since.
Skywalker is a one-of a kind, truly unique character, with a name to match this game.

Skywalker is a PVPer and i therefore am looking for an owner that will put him into good use.

His reputation is good, although he has kept a very low profile the past years, before being a notorious pirate/outlaw.
Skywalker has been playing solo mainly with some alts for several years, so there are no ties to any alliance/corporation or politics to be aware of, although alot of history & memories.

Currently training at 334,8 Million Skillpoints, this character has not much useful things to train left, expect Titan skills that has been avoided since he haven´t needed those.



Security -0.19, positive wallet, +5 implants & 2 x extra clones with some +5 implants, docked up in Minmatar high sec space, No killrights, decent standings with agents etc. Remap in 2months.

This is an acution:
Start: 600 Billion
Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: Hidden
Ends: New years EVE.


300b Offer.


Good to see you back up for auction. You may pull 600b or close to it this time around, which would top a similar sale ( 338m SP, 5/7/2003 birthdate, good name and rep for 500 bil ) about a year ago.

I’ll be following to see where the market’s appetite is for such toons…

Good luck!


Ill bid 1b and a massiv hug
At least u know I will put it to proper use


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Daily bump

I will bid 3 bil, along with eternal gratitude. I will out the character to good use :slight_smile:

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I remember this chara from the early days! Very sad to see it sold, but one of the best names in the game, i hope this sell sets a record for cost and best of luck to you from here on out sir!

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Free bump old friend, breaks my heart to see you selling your main :frowning:
Our Journey together back in the day can only be described as Epic!

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350b bump, memory lane bid :sigh: