[WTS] Skywalker 336M SP, born 2003, really old, really expensive, unique name (SOLD for 555bill)

Due to the previous post being locked by ISD, i have now relisted and will make sure to follow the forum rules :nerd_face:
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Current bid stands at 550 billion.

This character is one of the oldest characters in EVE with a date of birth 2003-05-15.
I am the only owner since.
Skywalker is a one-of a kind, truly unique character, with a name to match this game.

Skywalker is a PVPer and i therefore am looking for an owner that will put him into good use.

His reputation is good, although he has kept a very low profile the past years, before being a notorious pirate/outlaw.
Skywalker has been playing solo mainly with some alts for several years, so there are no ties to any alliance/corporation or politics to be aware of, although alot of history & memories.

Currently training at 336 Million Skillpoints, this character has not much useful things to train left, expect Titan skills that has been avoided since he haven´t needed those.



Security -0.19, positive wallet, +5 implants & 2 x extra clones with some +5 implants, docked up in Minmatar high sec space, No killrights, decent standings with agents etc. Remap in 2months.

This is an acution:
Start: 600 Billion
Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: Hidden
Ends: New years EVE.


Less than 2 days on auction left.

Ok auction deadline has now passed, highest bid was 555 through ingame mail.

I confirm the bid of 555B I made via evemail.

ISK and acct info sent.

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Confirmed that 555bill has been recieved. This character will now be transfered shortly.

Thank you Jezz, i am sure Skywalker will be taken care of from now on :slight_smile:

Dear **********************,

Another player is transferring the character Skywalker to your account named **********************.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

If you are not the intended recipient of this character or are not expecting to receive a character, please contact EVE Online Customer Support immediately at support@eveonline.com or file a Support Ticket.

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