[WTS] Skywalker 336 MSP, born 2003, probably the most expensive character for sale...enjoy

This character is one of the oldest characters in EVE with a date of birth 2003-05-15.
I am the only owner since.
Skywalker is a one-of a kind, truly unique character, with a name to match this game.

Skywalker is a PVPer and i therefore am looking for an owner that will put him into good use.

His reputation is good, although he has kept a very low profile the past years, before being a notorious pirate/outlaw.
Skywalker has been playing solo mainly with some alts for several years, so there are no ties to any alliance/corporation or politics to be aware of, although alot of history & memories.

Currently training at 336 Million Skillpoints, this character has not much useful things to train left, expect Titan skills that has been avoided since he haven´t needed those.



Security -0.19, positive wallet, +5 implants & 2 x extra clones with some +5 implants, docked up in Minmatar high sec space, No killrights, decent standings with agents etc. Remap in 2months.

This is an acution:
Start: 600 Billion
Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: Hidden
Ends: New years EVE.


300b Offer.

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Good to see you back up for auction. You may pull 600b or close to it this time around, which would top a similar sale ( 338m SP, 5/7/2003 birthdate, good name and rep for 500 bil ) about a year ago.

I’ll be following to see where the market’s appetite is for such toons…

Good luck!


Ill bid 1b and a massiv hug
At least u know I will put it to proper use


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Daily bump

I will bid 3 bil, along with eternal gratitude. I will out the character to good use :slight_smile:

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I remember this chara from the early days! Very sad to see it sold, but one of the best names in the game, i hope this sell sets a record for cost and best of luck to you from here on out sir!

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Free bump old friend, breaks my heart to see you selling your main :frowning:
Our Journey together back in the day can only be described as Epic!


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350b bump, memory lane bid :sigh:

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360 B

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thanks for bidding

Woah I remember this char! This was the ruler of Egg from like 2005-2008. Best of luck with the sale. That Arty Tempest was a menace

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DaILy bUmP

Donate to the poor? (AKA Me) :joy:

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at thesame time welcome back and sad to see you sell this toon skywalker
we lets say had some encoutners in the past (horrible memories from my side)
17 bid (to make this comment legit)

Thanks, well, let see if the sale goes through…at this point.