WTS sold


*positive wallet balance *NPC corp *I’m in Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant *1 JC in Jita *No kill rights
$$$Great money making alt$$$ I will pay transfer fees
looking for 50bil or more
*Max PI skills

  • industrial reconfiguration V

  • invulnerability core operation V

  • mining drone spec V

  • industrial command ships V

  • Capital industrial ships V

  • All jump skills V

40B offer

Thank you for the offer, hoping to get at least 45bil or more. Going let run through the weekend then take the best offer if it’s reasonable offer.

Received 45 bil in game offer.

42.5 bil. Back up offer in case the in game offer doesn’t work out…

In game offer backed out, will let character go to highest bid in 6 hours from now (when I get home from work) to highest bid

43B offer

44 bil

44bil wins, send isk and account info to T’mills and I will begin character transfer

Damn. 5 Minutes late

Sending now… ;=)

Edit: ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!

Gratulations on that transaction

Isk recieved, transfer started

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