WTS Stripped 5M SP with Cybernetics, Armor/Skirmish Command

Stripped this toon a while back and it’s been sat about.
Has Cybernetics 5, Armor and Skirmish command 5
Ideal to train into a command dessie?
also has a ton of skillbooks.

Auction starting at 1isk!

Buyouts: Make an offer.

Skills PW:123

Auction will run until Sunday 22nd Midnight.

please link skill board


4bn isk ready

4.5b isk ready

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Bump Biz Wiz leading…


5 bil

5.1b isk ready

Biz Wiz highest bid so far, 1 day left!

Biz Wiz congratulations, winner of the auction, I will inititate transfer once I see the isk in my wallet.

Many thanks

Account name mailed, ISK transferred.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

thanks will initiate transfer now sorry for delay

“Target user is already involved in a character transfer.”

let me know when this is done so i can transfer, Thanks :):smiley:

Ah, sorry about that. It should be finished transferring tomorrow and then we can try again.

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@Griffon_Blaze The other transfer is done, please try again. Please and thanks. :slight_smile:

okay will try now, thanks :slight_smile:

Transfer initiated

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