Wts subcap toon


I would like to sell my toon, developed caldary spacecommandship skills, BS V
Maradeuers V
Mining Barge V
Strong drone and missile skills

5 sec status
wallet in green (never been in red)
npc corp
2 jump clones
no killrights

I want would like to get 45 bil


sent you an eve mail

will pay 43b

43 suits me, accepting that bid

ISK and Acc informations have been send

please confirm


You send the Char?

Any Updates would be awesome

So far no response from the seller…
I will wait till 18.00 EVE time and then i will withdraw from the purchase and a Support Ticket goes out.

Check your email, they send a mail instantly after he starts the transfer, if you dont see it there, i suggest opening a ticket asap

Reseived no Email at All… So the Transfer hasnt started

support ticket is up

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