WTS Super in lonetrek station


I want to sell 1 hull hel → 45 B

Mail me in game or convo me on discord → pourfende1 #4491

No negociable



Bump. Bump.


Remember that if you want to produce a super yourself, it costs 70 b + cost prod and BP - > Evepraisal - Appraisal 10liel: 68.78 Billion Buy / 77.8 Billion Sell (Me 10)

would you prefer to pay 45 b or 70 b ?

rigged hels are on public contract from 29 to 33. :slight_smile:

Yes in irmalin and why it’s 30b?
Good Luck to move it outside of this region.
Mine is allready in the North and in the station
100% safe


free bump + question. why is it hard to move it? we all use the ks chains bro xd glws

I am not in a blue donut sry bro

every seller has a sitter in a donut man. need to look into it.

My hel is not in a citadel, no need to wait to have a safety in the north

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