*** WTS Super RORQUAL pilot ! ***

(Goomine4) #1


  • All CCP Rules, pos wallet, no killrights, in highsec
  • 2 remaps up

Make me an offer, please keep bids in .5 B inc.

Buyout Set at 25B

If buyout is not meet will sell this char to highest bidder by Monday morning downtime.

(ludikonj Dallocort) #2

13b :smiley:

(ludikonj Dallocort) #3

Is my offer accepted?

(Charon Taranogas) #4


(ludikonj Dallocort) #5

15.5B new :smiley:

(Avallah) #6

16 bil

(cwisss) #7

19b b/o

(Lyna Kraneled) #8


(cwisss) #9

21bil buy

(Goomine4) #10

Thank you everyone for the bids. Buyout set at 25B.
If the buyout is not meet, will sell to highest bidder by Monday morning at downtime.

WTB rorqual pilot
WTB Rorqual pilot
(Goomine4) #11


(very berry) #12


(Sherley Gao) #13

22B buy

(Captian Copper) #14

23B bid/buyout

(Sherley Gao) #15

23.5B buy

(Goomine4) #16

Sherley Gao you are the highest bidder in the time that I set out.

Please send isk and account info, and I will send char asap.

Thank You

(Sherley Gao) #17

Account Info and ISK already sent to Goomine4

Please send char asap

Thank you!

(Goomine4) #18

char sent ty

(Sherley Gao) #19

Done !Thank you!

(system) #20

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