Wts Superb 150 m SP Pilot B.O 120 bil isk

Wts Superb 150 m SP Pilot


Perfect option if you want strong main character!

Security status 0
No kill rights
npc corp
wallet 0

I am looking for fast deal, ready to let it go for 120 bil

1 will offer the 120bil

Ok, deal! I am online now

You still want to buy?

Ok, let me know if decide to buy, toon is open for sale

open a private convo ingame

I am retracting my b/o bid

Ok, thank you anyway

Removed some posts making some accusations against seller, No proof was offered, if CCP was notified they can take action if found.

account was hacked, character is not for sale

How? Why? Careless management of account name and / or password?

i think he found out the account was hacked when i started a convio with him this morning…was a very confusing convo

They hacked my email, then changed the password on the Eve account

@ISD_Norros how do you feel about removing my posts saying that this account was hacked now?

No offence, but the account was clearly hacked. Rather than silencing me and deleting my posts, it may be worth finding ways for you guys to ID these hacked accounts. If I can do it, you can too.

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