WTS Supercapital Assembly Array - POS Era - rare(ish)

it took alot of effort, but if you want to own a bit of history valued at 1B on buy orders then you have a opportunity to own a Supercapital Assembly Array located in jita 4-4. looking for offers above buy order prices, maybe a collector.

First off finding one thats not in nullsec is quite hard, plus if you did get one to get one out of nullsec your looking at getting it out of asset safety, with a expanded freighter, and almost getting cap dropped like i did in the process. previously the only way that you could have acess these before asset safety is someone who built on in highsec for whatever reason, tho its too heavy to move via any other means but freighter, so its not common.

B/O 2.5B Contract will be made from Jita - 4-4
Currently no orders - https://evepraisal.com/item/24575#universe

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I’ll sell you three more if you’d like

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