WTS Supers Irmalin & Amamake WTS Officer Fitted Erebus in T5ZI

I have several supers at the moment ready to rock in Irmalin & Amamake. Hulls only. With the patch changes announced better get them while you can. Good luck and happy bidding. Ships:

x1 Nyx

x3 Hels

Buyout: 40 billion each.

x1 Nyx T2 rigged in the Amamake Keepstar.

1 Officer fit Erebus:


Located in the T5ZI Keepstar. Taking offers.

Discord: TaraRead#3644

18B for one of the Hel.

Way way too low lol. Ty for the free bump.

Reee, well here’s another one for you.

22B maybe ?

Still too low. Get into the 30’s and we’ll talk.

Ah, I still have a few years before I reach my thirties. I’ll remember it though, thank you.

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Lol : ) thanks for the free bump. Up again.

Up again.

how much the nyx ? pls contract to me

40 for an unrigged one in Irmalin and 42 for a T2 trimark rigged one in Amamake Keepstar.

Up again.

uuuup again

up again