WTS T2 Production Spreadsheet, All Races, Carriers/supers

Selling access to my T2 production spreadsheet that shows you exactly what you need to produce any T2 ship.

  • All T2 Caldari ships
  • All T2 Amarr ships
  • All T2 Gallente ships
  • All T2 Minmatar Ships
  • Carriers & Supercarriers

This sheet includes live prices in each step of production from moon minerals all the way till t2 components.

Shows you how much you need in each step so you can decide to either buy or mine/build yourself.
Once production changes hit you will recieve an updated version.

Contact me(or Filthmasters) ingame or post here for any questions.

Price: 500mil isk


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is this updated to all new changes? does it pull assets of what you already have?

how early can I receive the spreadsheets?