WTS T2 Salvager / Exhumer Pilot 10.8 Mill SP

Selling salvager / Exhumer pilot 10,845,243 SP she is a great salvager and a decent exhumer pilot

Located in Jita

Reprocessing 5
Reprocessing Efficiency 5
Salvaging 5
Scrapmetal Processing 5

All other Processing skills to 4

2 Remaps Available and a set of beta implants


Starting Bid Im looking for Is 7 Bill
Buyout will be 8 Bill

7.5 bil

Thanks but looking for more

8 bil then?

There is a similarly advertised character for sale with 18mil SP, the seller is looking for around 11 bil. I think 8 is fair for this character based on the skills.

Im looking for closer to 9 bill tbh, I will wait out im sure I will get it

7.5 bill

I will take 8 bill today for fast sale

7.5 I will accept if sold tonight

I will do 7.5 bil today


Sending isk and account details shortly.

All done on my end

need account details

Was sent in the “reason” of the isk transfer

sorry didn’t notice transferring now

Transfer started

Confirmation email received. I’ll take good care of her! Sorry you couldn’t get all that you wanted.

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