WTS Tengu/Jackdaw and Cerberus Char 19.9 mil sp + MID GRADE CRYSTALS!

WTS open to offers

Have a full set of mid grade crystals + omega.

Sensible offers only please.

Pass : 123

Buy out : 17 Bil

PW for the eveboard please.

Done !! ty !

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No problem :smiley:

Sorry I don’t thin my offer would be to your standards. Good luck!


12.5 b since 12.0 b would have been my bid.

why? i dont see any bid

I didnt think you would consider 12 sensible.

Correct , im Just gonna wait for better ones.

lol, and good luck.

This person “4th place loser” needs to be reported every time they post, I do not see them actually buying toons and they attempt to derail and demoralize individuals selling toons, because they want to buy them cheap and extract the SP and sell for profit.

19 million toon is worth well over 1b per million sp. Gl injecting to 19 million for anything less then 30 billion maybe more.

I have bought more then a few characters.

But report away.


Bump !

To the top !

to the top !

Everytime I come home and I go on the forums I see this toon and think ‘‘should I do it or not’’

Just do it :wink:

Bump !

still peeping