WTS The Judge Corpse *SOLD*

Hi, i have for sale a genuine corpse of the man, the myth, the legend… the one and only (and still with both hands) The Judge.

You may know the judge from such stories as ‘‘Honey, i stole the keepstar’’, ‘‘Those hands are mine: Life after Gigx’’ and ‘‘LOL i just destroyed the alliance’’

Made infamous by his actions, this corpse represents crime and villainy in its purest form, and leaves no isk in the alliance coffers…

I am looking to get 1,500,000,000 ISK Or Best Offer.

I can provide the killmail that produced the corpse, and the corpse will be available to collect from jita moon 4 caldari navy assembly plant by Sophie Onren (my jita alt)

Proof of legitimacy can be provided via trade window if required

500 mil😊

had offers above that already, looking for better than 650mil

700 mil for the Museum.

750mil, convo me ingame ??

800M ~~~

Is the body still intact ?
Or any parts ( like, hands… ) … missing ?

That really effects the value of this potential hanger queer

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he came with hands when i got him, still attached, but has since been sold, still with hands, apart from i did gigx’s job properly and detached them, but kept them included in the sale. hangar queer now has a new owner. thanks for all the interest

Only 1 trillion more to go.

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