WTS Titan/Dread/Rorq/Links toon --- SOLD


SP: 100,345,764
Unallocated SP: 1,007,500
Positive Sec Status
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Comes with High-grade Amulet and High-grade Nirvana sets
Located in High Sec

Notable skills:
Minmatar Titan 5
Minmatar Dreadnought 5
Capital Industrial Ships 5

Starting bid: 70Bil
Buyout 85Bil

Don’t bother offering under starting bid, as it won’t be accepted.

Lilith Kali I can do 53 B

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Daily Bump

57bil offer

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Daily Bump

Daily Bump

offer 60 bill


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56b offer

60b isk ready

@du_lengding @Hank_Watson

Thanks for your offers but not willing to sell less than 70Bil