WTS Tons of BPOs

I’ve got blueprints, you’ve got a Raitaru (or Azbel or Sotiyo). Let’s do business

Some prices have been reduced, still open to negotiations regarding price (my listed prices are just my pretty bad guess at its value), looking to get rid of these BPOs

Still selling BPOs!

I have a lot of BPOs here, and I know someone out there must want to produce things

I’m looking for a Nid BPO.

Lots of reddit subs, including r/eve, are private rn in protest of stuff going on at reddit. I don’t wanna ■■■■ up this thread with reddit drama but evemail me if u wanna see the salt without waiting for r/eve to open back up

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Industry changes coming soon, get some blueprints so you’re prepared when the update hits! Still got plenty of BPOs for sale

Still selling BPOs!

BPOs for sale still!

Still selling

BPOs for sale, willing to negotiate on prices

Still selling BPOs

Still have BPOs for sale, evemail me or reply if interested!

Still selling

BPOs for sale!

Still have BPOs!

Still selling plenty of BPOs!

Still selling BPOs

Still have BPOs to sell!