Wts toon with 44 m sp born in 2003 interceptors/ops


Security status 0
Wallet 0
No kill rights
Npc corp
Location: high sec

Give me offers, I ll check if it is worth selling

35 bil offer

Wonderful! Thats more than I expected to get :smiley: I am glad to sell it for 35 bil

35.5bil here

36 bil now immediately

i will offer 37b

38 bil

ill take 38 it is awesome!!!

38 b it is awesome so we make deal!

Confirm here that you have accepted my suggestions and I will forward you 38 bil isk

Confirm! @Azimut_A_Wector please forword isk to me

isk 38 bil translated, please start transfer account.

another deception, after the transfer, the password appeared on the character and the seller does not switch to the connection.

The administration figured out the money was returned + 7 days omega

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