WTS: Trade- & Drama-Queen / SP Farmer (5M SP)


I did too much drama and have been replaced.

My Skills (Password: 69)

  • Nice Name

  • No Killrights

  • Located in Jita

  • Positive Wallet Balance

  • Cyber V

  • Healthy Trade skills

  • Transfer will be paid by me

  • All CCP rules apply

Start: 4B
B/O: 5B

Top the top we go :slight_smile:

On top as i like it most

2,5B max

Thank you for the free bump.

I am not really a drama queen… that is what he said…

up, up and away


Up we go

Want to sell this char… today… for a reasonable price.

or today…

A new day

rise and shine

ill do 3b

i can offer 3.5B

First who offers 4b will get the toon.

morning all :slight_smile:

New weekend…ahead… new try :slight_smile:

I can do 4B

Accepted :slight_smile:

Please send info and isk… so i can start eveything